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The Importance of Elections

MK and I do a session about retaining employees each month for all of the new Neighborly franchisees on their first day of training. In that session we remind the group that employees don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses. We often go around the room asking for examples, it’s entertaining and proves our point.

One of the biggest forms of rejection is when an employee loves their job but hates their boss, and then ends up leaving because of their boss.

Last Tuesday we saw an even larger example of rejection. Dennis Hof ran for the Nevada 36th Assembly district against, Lesia Romanov. Hof owned a handful of brothels in Nevada where they are legal to operate, and on October 16th he died. What’s surprising, is on November 6th he received 68 percent of the vote as a dead man. There were signs posted at polling locations that read, “Notice of Death of Candidate”, but he still won.

I don’t know much about Ms. Romanov, but she has two master’s degrees in education and has been an educator in Clark County (Vegas area) for more than 19 years. She now has the distinction of losing an election to someone deceased.

About 40 years ago I ran for Alderman in Rockford, Ill., my hometown. It was a great lesson for me in many ways. I learned more about politics than I ever imagined and have an appreciation for what politicians go through. I learned about fund raising, the value of telling voters what number you were on the ballot, and telling them how to punch your number in. I also learned the importance of driving people to the polls on Election Day because many don’t have a ride. Most of all I learned to never run for office again. I can’t imagine with social media what it would be like, I know few people pristine enough to survive today’s social media threats.

Regardless of your party, Americans exercised their right to vote last Tuesday. Over 110 million voted, that’s more people than any other time in history and the highest percentage of voters for over 50 years. Too many people wrongly say their vote doesn’t matter.

Leadership includes voting and coming back to your office with your ‘I Voted’ sticker. Then when people ask you why you voted, you can say, as leaders it is our duty to exercise the freedom we have to vote, and point out that everyone should. Leaders do what others don’t. This includes voting in every election.