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Looking Ahead

2019 is less than a month away, and my last weekly blog will be in a few weeks, as I’ll be turning the reins over to my VP, Brad Roberson, who has 20 years in this business. I know Glass Doctor will be in great hands!

MK has already moved to Ann Arbor to lead another Neighborly company, Molly Maid. I’ll be taking on another role in Neighborly by working directly for our COO as the special projects director for more than 20 brands.

I went back to one of the first articles I wrote for glassBYTEs – March 25, 2013. These are a few excerpts from it that stuck out to me for this week:

Leadership: What Are You Overcoming?

As I think about “leadership” in our industry I ask you this question – “What are you overcoming?”

As I look back, I realize the only thing I ever needed to overcome was myself. My attitude, my pity parties, my inabilities to make the tough decisions – even though they were the right decisions. I needed to stop ignoring the red warning flags of hiring the wrong employee or, especially, not becoming a better manager.

What do you need to overcome? Is it that you have competition? Grab a phone book (it’s that yellow thing you use to keep the door open – the thing we used to use before Google) and check out “attorneys.” Think there’s competition there? Drive down the street and check out the restaurants. Think there’s much competition in that business?

Do you need to overcome your inability to find the right employees? I don’t know one business on the planet that serves people, and doesn’t cry out for good employees. It’s always their number one challenge regardless of the industry.

The challenge with leadership is that it’s an “every minute” thing. What you did yesterday counts, but what’s more important is what you will do with your challenges today. Good leaders understand there will be daily challenges.

Good leaders know inspiration means perspiration. Whatever you face in the next two weeks will, in most cases, be much easier than being run over by a truck! Continue being a leader in all you do!

Six years after writing that article I feel the same way. You should look back on what you needed to overcome this past year. I’ll bet you a dollar everyone who reads this had to overcome something in 2018 they could never have predicted would happen to them.

ADAS brings us different challenges, but we all had to find a way to overcome them, didn’t we?

Now is the time to set goals for 2019, decide where you’re headed, how many people you need to hire, what trucks you’ll replace, and which employees you’ll choose to “free up their future to work for someone else”.

Take a fresh look at your operation and ask yourself if it represents you the way you want it to. If it doesn’t, start working to change it. That’s what leaders choose to do.

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