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Keeping up with the Times

Laughingly, I often refer to ‘going online’ as going to my Google machine. Never have I thought of referring to this as my ‘YouTube machine,’ though. Why? Must be age!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was at an International Franchise Association convention and one of our speakers came from Google. What he said that morning showed me just how out of touch I am sometimes.

For instance, I had heard previously that YouTube was the second largest search engine in the world.  Until I did some research on my Google machine, I didn’t realize that 300 hours of new video are uploaded every minute! Nor did I realize that by 2019, video is expected to drive an astonishing 80 percent of all internet traffic.

All of this begs the question – do you know how much business has changed just in the last three years?  Do you realize how much you need to keep up with, as a leader, to help drive your company to the next stage of where you want to be?

Our Google speaker brought home several points to illustrate this. He discussed how, just in the last three years, 35-year old adults are more curious, more demanding, and more impatient!


  • Curious
    • A good example of this is the search for “Best Electric Toothbrush”
      • 1.2 million views on YouTube
      • Search is up 100 percent on Google
  • Demanding
    • 35-year olds look up products and reviews on the internet
      • Where to buy them
    • They also look at what is “near me”


  • Impatient
    • Try to get “same day shipping” – doubled from where it was three years ago
    • ‘Open now’ options – up 300 percent
    • ‘Hotels tonight’ – again, doubled from three years ago
    • ‘Flights today’ – triple from the statistics three years ago

The YouTube example really surprised me because the only reason I typically go to YouTube is to listen to music, watch old TV shows like Mary Tyler Moore or to watch Houston’s James Harden’s crossover move on February 28. Sick!

When my son killed a deer with a bow last year on his property, I asked him if he field dressed it. He not only did this but cut up the meat and put in in his freezer. I asked him how he learned to do this. His response, “Dad, EVERYTHING is on YouTube.”  Sure enough, I just found a 9:28 video on “Field Dressing Large Game.” It had 1,036,519 views. I’ll bet one of those was Andy’s.

The toothbrush video? There is now one with 2,085,588 views on, “Is This the Toothbrush of the Future.” Making the “perfect pizza”? Several YouTube videos with more than a million views. One of them even had more 5 million views.

Who cares, right?

How about these that will affect what we do daily:

  • ‘How to Repair a Chip or Crack in Your Windshield’
    • One of the videos is six minutes long and has 8,858,068 views
  • ‘How to Sound Like a Leader? Start by Saying Your Name Right.”
    • This Laura Sicola Ted Talk is 15:32 in length and has been seen 4,826, 204 times and has  more than 33,000 thumb up reviews

35-year olds today expect businesses to act like Starbucks, or Dominos or Uber. Quick, convenient, and making the transaction as easy as possible.

Oh, one more thought.  What, then, do your 35-year old employees expect from you?  Scary, isn’t it?

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