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I’m in Phoenix today joining two of my friends in franchising to make a presentation entitled “How to Make Your Cultural Vision Part of Your Company DNA.” Frankly, this is not exclusive to franchising. It is, however, something each of our companies should understand and incorporate.

Let me give you some examples:

  • The NFL is undergoing the worst cultural shift in professional sports. Attendance at NFL games is down, advertising revenues are down because TV viewing of games is down. What Kaepernick’s kneel (not to be confused with Tebow’s kneel) seemed to focus on was a single injustice. It seems today’s players’ kneel is being used as a protest for our President and for several other causes – including Kaepernick’s original protest. The result? The culture changed.
  • While traveling last week I learned of another cultural shift – the “Iowa Wave.” Check out USA Today’s article from November 2. (Warning – get a tissue ready!) This is an amazing, uplifting story and has created a culture shift at the University of Iowa’s home games.
  • VegasStrong T-Shirts have changed the culture in Las Vegas to Vegas strong from “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” It took a tragedy to make this culture change.
  • The Houston Astro’s World Series jerseys included a “Houston Strong” patch. Hurricane Harvey changed the culture and many baseball fans started cheering for the team from the city that endured so much damage.
  • Variety Magazine’s recent headline read, “Men Must Step Up to Change the Hollywood Culture That Enabled Harvey Weinstein.” More stories of similar nature are creeping into the news about other actors who were involved in the same culture.

What is your culture?

What would your employees say about your culture? What would your previous employees say about the culture that you breed? If you think you don’t have one – you are wrong. We ALL have a culture.

The Dwyer Group, which MK and I work for, has a very strong, recognizable culture in the world of franchising. This is the reason that we moved from Florida to Texas. (Trust me – we LOVED Florida.) We believed in the culture that existed at Dwyer enough to make that move.  We have used this culture as a bedrock for our own companies.

Even though we work for Dwyer, the culture that MK has a Five Star Painting is different from the culture that I have at Glass Doctor. Whose is better? We are both convinced that ours is better!

Again, what is your culture?

We all create one. As the leader, you set the tone. Be intentional about setting the culture. It is the reason that techs join us . . . or leave us. MK and I both worked for a company previously that provided the same services of three of our sister companies today. The difference in culture is unbelievable!

Enjoy your week and be intentional about your culture. It provides a picture of your future.

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