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Playing the Cards You Are Dealt

Are you a gambler? Do you play cards? Have you ever heard the saying, “Play the cards you are dealt”?

Last week when I was discussing Michael Jordan and his early years, I came upon an article by Bob Logan who died in 2006 at the age of 74 after being a sports writer for the Chicago Tribute for 28 years.

The challenge for being a sports writer for a newspaper is that people can look back and tell you when you are wrong—dead wrong.

It happens—especially when newspapers are trying to “scoop” the news. The Chicago Tribune was one of my favorite newspapers. Yes, this is the same newspaper whose headlines claimed on November 3, 1948, “Dewey Defeats Truman,” one of the most famous pictures in Americana.

As I read the below article from 2004, when the Chicago Bulls were about to go into the draft, it gave me inspiration for this week’s blog:

What a great article. Logan bemoaned the fact that the coin flip killed the future for the Bulls. If it would have been “heads,” then the Bulls would have gotten Jack Sikma from the Trailblazers.

The Bulls, regardless of all they could do, were stuck with Michael Jordan! Man, life is tough!

This week I want you to look back at your own life. Did you miss out on anything as much as Bob Logan did with Michael Jordan or what the Chicago Tribute did with Truman/Dewey?

Goodness knows, I have! I can’t imagine what would have happened in my personal life if what I prayed for came to pass! I know I wouldn’t be with Mary Kay. I wouldn’t be in Waco, Texas. I doubt that I would have the relationship I do today with my kids and my grandkids.

I got a lesson this week on leadership from the 2004 article above. It tells me to PLAY THE CARDS I’M DEALT. It doesn’t’ mean play what I think those cards are—it means play what those cards really mean!

Think back into our own operations. How many employees, who we thought were bad, turned out to be great? Or, in my own case, and I believe many others of you, how many employees that we thought were the saviors of our business and would take us to the promised land, sucked?

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