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Delegation and Trust

This past weekend was Glass Doctor’s Annual Conference. More than 250 people met in Dallas for three days of training, fun and fellowship.

Our goal every year is to have a better event than the year before. And, somehow, we’ve been successful in doing this! There is only one reason that this can happen – DELEGATION.

In my quest to become a better leader it took me a long time to learn that our company is much more successful when I delegate appropriately and trust that it will get done. And, without exception, each time the outcome is much better than if I had chosen to do it myself.

Such was the case last Friday night. We always have a “fun night” when we get together. Over the years I always appointed myself to be the person to figure out what we were going to do, organize it, and then be the person who emceed the event. This year I allowed three of my superstar employees to take it on.

Their idea? A scavenger hunt that would only take an hour (compared to the four-hour extravaganzas I produced in the past) and give everyone many hours of memories and laughter!!!

Mary Kay had organized scavenger hunts in the past. She raved about how much fun they were. I laughed at it and told her that the events that I organized were always MUCH better than her scavenger hunt.

Friday night I finally “got it.” Becky, Shirley and Kelli took care of everything – right down to the last detail! It was an amazing night and got everyone at the event working together – our franchisees, their employees as well as all of our vendors.

I called Mary Kay at home after we were done and told her what a GREAT event it was and that I finally understood the power of doing something like this. The creativity exhibited by these teams of peers and coworkers was amazing! The positive energy blew the roof off the hotel!

On Saturday people were still talking about the event. On Sunday morning Kelli shared a slide show of the 15 teams scurrying through the hotel on the big screens, and the energy was back in the room.

My point isn’t to discuss the scavenger hunt. My point is that our event got much better, and took much less time, than when I organized it. The result was better memories and more time for our attendees to spend time together. It also introduced many people to others who they would have never met.

This only happened because I finally learned how to delegate and trust. I had zero involvement with the event and it was the most fun event we’ve had at our conference in years.

How do leaders learn to do this? It is simple – but not easy. Good leaders learn this when they are ready for their people to advance in their roles. This results in employees who grow, employees who are happier, and employees who stay with you.

Look at what you are doing and determine if you are a person who delegates and trusts – or a person who tends to be a micromanager. If you are a micromanager – STOP IT! You are creating an environment where employees can become resentful; employees who will seek, and eventually find, a boss who trusts them.

Will your employees make mistakes along the way? Of course! Didn’t you? Did it make you a person who was much better at your job eventually? That should be our goal.

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